Dragons are a branch of creatures that have split and evolved into many different species. They originated from draco princeps, or the Dragonlords, dragon gods created by the Mists of Is. Their descendants became two kinds of dragons - draco nobilis and draco occisor (noble dragons and monger dragons.)

Dragonlord one

A typical Dragonlord

History Edit

Dragonlords are immortal dragons that are some of the oldest things in existence. Their spawn became noble dragons and monger dragons, dragons who live for approximately 50000 years but are still mortal. Monger dragons are crueler and harbor distaste for anything non dragon, but are still incredibly intelligent like noble dragons.

Monger dragon descendants became species of dragons such as wyrms and drakes. The following is a list of dragon species.

  • Wyrm - dragons generally sized around 60-150 feet long. They have no front feet and instead use their wings to walk. They generally flame, but not all of them have this ability.
  • Drake - a flightless dragon, drakes have no wings and are generally ground animals. They cannot flame, but can have up to six legs and a long, powerful tail.
  • Noble Dragon - largest dragon after Dragonlord and Monger dragons, draco nobilis generally are 100-400 feet long from snout to tail. They have a wingspan of five hundred feet. They are the friendliest of dragons and one of the only ones able to communicate with other beings.
  • Monger Dragon - ruthless and vicious, Mongers are huge and can communicate - although they hate non-draconic creatures. They are 500-700 feet long, with a nine hundred foot wingspan.
  • Dragonlords- ancient dragon gods, the Dragonlords are truly titanic. They have godlike powers and can communicate. They are 1500-700,000 feet long.