Drakodiles are a species of reptile inhabiting the swamps of the Wildergreen and the Drakon homelands. They are huge and speculated to be descended from the draco nobilis, or noble dragons. They are sacred to the dragon people and are only hunted in religious and cermonial circumstances.

Mearn drakodile

A drakodile in comparison to a human.

They were almost hunted to extinction during Greywind's conquering of the Drakon homeland. They are sometimes used as war steeds, and, although they cannot breathe fire, they can pick up a horse in their jaws.

Hatching & Life Edit

Drakodiles are hatched in clutches of two to fifteen. They begin about the size of a hand inside their egg, but once they hatch they are about six feet long. As adolescents, they are about twenty feet long. They then can grow up to one hundred feet long.

Family Tree and Similar Species Edit

Like a lot of giant lizard creatures, the drakodile is descended from the noble dragons, draco nobilis. Alongside the drakodile, the noble dragons evolved into dragodiles and sea serpents. They are loosely related to leviathan creatures.