(Pronounced dray-con)

Mearn drakon

A typical Yeran (forest-clan) drakon.

The Drakon are a reptilian race of Sentients who inhabit Mrethus, specifically originating from the province of Fernus. They are divided into three clans - Yeran, Veganr and Oegaz. When Drakons belong to a ceratin tribe, their name begins with their clan's letter. For instance, a Drakon belonging to the Veganr tribe might have the name V'Zorok.

Ancient Descendants Edit

Drakons are loosely related to other creatures of the swampy regions of Mearn - namely drakodiles. These are huge reptilian creatures that inhabit the swamps of the Wildergreen and the Drakon's homelands. Drakodiles are sacred prey to the Drakons, and they only hunt them during festivals and traditional celebrations. The Drakon were undiscovered for a long time.

Greywindian scientist Ullar Menthrobe theorized that Drakons descended from the draco nobilis, or the noble dragons - a mortal species of dragon that inhabited the Wildergreen in the Ages of the Sun and Sky. Drakons have been given the scientific name draco sentiens.