(Pronounced mern)

Mearn map outline

The uncaptioned map of Mearn

Mearn is the largest continent on Erados. It houses nine provinces ruled by various powers. It is the only continent in which all the Eradosian races live. It is approximately ten million square kilometers, not including the three islands in its territory.

History Edit

Mearn was first discovered by the Elven races in 3456 BI. It was shortly afterwards discovered by the island of Stormgale in 3342 BI. This began the first war upon Mearn, known as the Greywind-Elven War. This lasted until 2000 BI, when they divided the known Mearn territory between the two of them. This only included the provinces of the Wildergreen, the Drakon territories and sections of Farreach. During their conquest of the Drakon territories, the elves discovered the race of Drakon.

Greywind expanded upon the top half of Mearn, adding to their expanding empire the provinces of Cloudhaven and the snowy regions of Frostfall. They became the most powerful civilization in the world of Erados. Unfortunately, in Frostfall they met the race of Wolven, who had been living in Frostfall the whole time. The Greywindians conquered the Wolven peoples and officially turned Cloudhaven and Frostfall into colonies.

In 932 BI, all the provinces of Mearn had been settled. The Duwar, or dwarves, resided in a hidden valley where they worked techonological wonders, and long ago (approximated by Greywindian historians to be about 10000 BI) had split into a race of humans called the Sumarians. The Sumarians controlled the future provinces of Sumaria, Illyrad and the lower half of Frostfall. They fought the Greywindians for centuries, until Illyrad and the rest of Frostfall became provinces of Greywind. Sumaria still controlled the most land with their province of the same name. By 100 BI, all the current provinces were plotted out. They were controlled by the following:

  • Frostfall (Greywind)
  • Sumaria
  • Illyrad (Sumaran/Greywind)
  • Drakon territories (Drakon/Elven)
  • Cloudhaven (Greywind)
  • Farreach (Greywind/Elven)
  • Nzungr (Dwarven)
  • The Wildergreen (Elven)

As you can see, Greywind controlled the most territory of Mearn until 0 BI, when the Invasion of the Gods occured. After this terrifying defense against the gods, the Civil War began in 133 AI and eventually Frostfall, Illyrad and the Drakon territories broke away from their respective owners. Illyrad fell to the Sumaran Empire again in 456 AI.